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Bardonia, NY comes to us for vein therapy and more

Have you been feeling self-conscious about those varicose veins? Are you envious of your friends and their silky smooth, blemish-free legs? Both men and women come to Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa in Bardonia, New York for vein therapy. Our aestheticians create a welcoming and relaxing environment. During your treatment:

  • We’ll use laser heat to treat varicose and spider veins
  • Scar tissue will form, enabling the veins to close
  • Blood flow to the veins will decrease, leading to healing

Over time, limited blood flow will cause your veins to reduce in size. After a year or two, these veins will disappear completely. Our laser skin treatments are relatively painless – most patients report feeling a mild but manageable burning sensation. Call us at 845-405-5009 with questions or concerns about vein therapy. We want you to make an informed cosmetic skincare decision.

3 perks of scheduling a medi-spa treatment with us

When you come to Bardonia, NY’s preferred day spa for vein therapy, you will:

  • Receive exceptional care from licensed aestheticians
  • Have the opportunity to purchase spa packages
  • Learn more about the benefits of highly-focused laser treatments

We look forward to reducing the presence of varicose and spider veins on your behalf!