Clear Skin Is a Call Away

Try light therapy at Rockland Skincare

Are you looking for a fresh new way to revitalize your skin? Make an appointment for light therapy treatments at Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa. Light therapy is a safe and effective way to reduce and prevent acne.

How does light therapy work?

Light therapy is used as a skincare and anti-aging treatment. The bacteria and inflammation in your skin are the primary cause of acne and skin blemishes. In light therapy, blue and red lights penetrate your pores and hair follicles to reduce and prevent acne. Here are just a few benefits of light therapy:

  • It can treat existing acne
  • It can prevent mild to moderate acne
  • It can destroy bacteria in your skin
  • It reduces inflammation

Start on the path to a whole new you. Contact Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa today to schedule an appointment for light therapy.