Are You Self-Conscious About the Fat Under Your Chin?

There’s a solution for you at our Bardonia, NY spa, and its name is Kybella®.

If you have fat below your chin, known as a “double chin,” it’s probably all you see when you look in the mirror. You take a look and wonder what you can do to fix it. You don’t want invasive surgery, but you don’t want to live with your double chin any longer.

That’s where Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa can help. At our spa, we offer Kybella®, a specific treatment for fat under the chin. Kybella® is a prescription medical treatment used to reduce its appearance.

Our specialists have used Kybella® to help adults suffering from moderate to severe fat under the chin. You can finally look in the mirror and see something other than your double chin – all you have to do is schedule an appointment at Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa.

Find out if Kybella® is right for you

Kybella® is an injection given to patients to improve the appearance of fat under the chin. Our specialists will properly complete the recommended number of injections for safe and effective treatment. Trust our professionals to:

  • Evaluate the current condition of the fat under the chin
  • Determine how many injections may be needed (up to 50)
  • Create a treatment schedule so injections are given at least 1 month apart

Speak with a specialist at Rockland Skincare & Body Bliss Spa to discuss specifics about Kybella®, including possible side effects. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.